Hygiene Services

pressure cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Services

Wide Range Of Services Available
  • Forecourts / Driveways
  • Signage
  • Windows / Fascia’s
  • Solar Panels
  • Hard Surface General Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning Of Entrance Matting
  • Pressure Jetting – Servicing Of Blocked Gutters & Pipes

Core Competencies

We have specialized trailers fitted with a water reservoir,
pressure pump and extended hoses all connected to a
“Mosmatic “ cleaning disk.
The Mosmatic disk is fed with 200 bar of water fed into the
disc. This along with a specialized degreaser chemical can
clean all pedestrian and traffic surfaces. It’s a very quick
cleaning system and removes more dirt than any other
cleaning procedure.
Our staff cordon off small areas – reducing the down time or
use of the road or driveway which results in minimal
disruption to the property or business.